SOON TO BE RELEASED: SyntacticAphasia: Verbing Protocol

SOON TO BE RELEASED: SyntacticAphasia: Verbing Protocol

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FORTHCOMING: This protocol will provide you with the concepts, activities, scaffolding suggestions, and tools to address the syntactic elements of aphasia.  The importance of the verb in generating and producing sentences has been long overlooked.   While research has begun to pay attention to the importance of verbs in aphasia recovery, there remains a dearth of actual treatment programs and clinical support.   The activist in this protocol will assist the SLP in treating agrammatism with a focus on the verb slot in a sentence.     This protocol is telepractice-friendly.   

24 page manual includes:

  • Simple to implement, hierarchically-organized protocol Instructions
  • Link to a training video
  • Client handouts and instructions
  • A full list of target stimuli
  • Research for evidence-basis of protocols with links
  • Evaluation and documentation recommendations and examples
  • Examples for grading task difficulty level and of stimuli
  • Sample Forms and trouble-shooting considerations

Author: William Connors, MA,CCC-SLP.  One of the aphasia expert clinicians at AphasiaToolbox, Bill has helped thousands of SLPs and organizations gain advanced competence in the treatment of aphasia and its related disorders at numerous venues.