Newcastle Dysarthria Assessment Tool (N-DAT) - Free Product from Wendy Hackney & Kimberly Vietch (SPs)

by EverythingSLP

The N-DAT is an assessment of speech.  It was designed to scaffold the diagnostic process process through the differential diagnosis process in a structured manner facilitating consider the links between dysarthria types & possible etiologies and ordering the assessment tasks in the sequential manner to assist with clinical decision making process.  Administration requires: a stopwatch, a mirror, a voice recorder, and the cookie theft picture and/or the caterpillar passage.

Included in the N-DAT etiology / planning tool; clinical management plan; differential diagnosis tool: and definition list.   

The free download includes:

  • The N-DAT tool
  • The Caterpillar and Grandfather passages 
  • Design and EBP information for the tools and passages.


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