Considerations in Creating and Negotiating a School-Based Telepractice Contract- a voiced PPT presentation

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At this time, TeleSLPs perform upwards of 80% of telepractice services to students in schools.  For this reason, a contract with a school is the most lucrative venue for delivery of SLP telepractice services.   In this 25-minute presentation, Dr. Robin Alvares offers sage, practical advice about the fundamentals in preparing a proposal-bid for school-based telepractice provision.  Dr. Alvares, with 12+ years experience in both administration and service-provision at a distance telepractice, brings a wealth of knowledge and practical ideas to keep in mind when creating a proposal for a school system.   

Dr. Robin Alvares has been a speech-language pathologist for 34 years.  She has worked with students birth through 21 and adults with developmental disabilities, across settings.  She has been engaged in telepractice service delivery and research for the last 12 years.  She is has made numerous presentations on telepractice, most recently a Master Class at the 2019 ASHA convention and has authored or co-authored 7 publications on telepractice.  She has been a member of SIG -18 Telepractice for 10 years serving on the Coordinating Committee for 6 years and is currently a reviewer for Perspectives in Telepractice.  

Topics and issues addressed in this narrated PPT presentation include: 

  • Caseload - workload
  • Regulations
  • Personnel and physical on-site support
  • Accessing on-site resources
  • Pricing: setting a price point
  • Presenting to school administrators

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