The Brisbane Evidence-Based Language Test - Free Product


The Brisbane EBLT is a free, new, reliable, and valid language test for speech pathologists to use with acute stroke populations.   The Brisbane EBLT is available in 5 different versions:  Foundation 1.with and 2.without objects;  3.Standard;  4.High;  5.Complete.  Tests should be selected at the discretion of the treating clinician.   While intended for use within acute post-stroke populations <2 months of post-stroke recovery, the format of the test would support assessment of clients in ongoing recovery.  Each test examines language functioning across the modalities including verbal expression, auditory comprehension, actions/gesture and reading and writing.  

The test’s psychometrics are currently undergoing journal publication.  The Brisbane EBLT psychometric analysis has been completed with speech pathologists, therefore it is currently recommended the test is used by speech pathologists or professions with related qualifications only (psychologists, neurologists etc.).  It is not intended for use by other health professions such as nursing staff or allied health assistants.